FQ Spotlight: KIDS SWAG

Kim West, owner of Kids Swag didn’t realize until she was pregnant with her first child, how hard it is to find products (books, party supplies, toys, clothes, etc…) that would reflect her beauty and provide positive reinforcement of her black culture and heritage. She started buying everything she could find and would share her triumphs on Facebook. The immediate likes and inquiries into her purchases made her realize she wasn’t not alone.

This is why Kids Swag was born. Your destination for swag (their products) to inspire swag (self-confidence) . Kids Swag is devoted to becoming a premier one stop destination for premium children products inspired by black girls and boys from around the world.

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FQ SPOTLIGHT: Coco’Pie Clothing

“There’s power in these puffs!”

Founded in 2011 by Shantae Pelt, Coco’Pie came to life after one of her daughters saw a t-shirt with a little black girl on it. Ms. Pelt realized how much images of brown girls were missing in mainstream apparel and were obviously needed in a major way!

Inspired by her two girls, Mikayla and Kennedy, whom she lovingly calls her “coco pies,” Shantae decided to create her own line of shirts that her daughters could wear with pride as often as they wanted to.

Coco’Pie has full line of onesies, tees, and sweatshirts for children and women in a variety of sizes, that amplify the essence of black culture. They even have fun accessories, such as earrings and tote bags, too!

Here Are Some of Coco’Pie Merchandise!

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See more… http://www.cocopieclothing.com/


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