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Who is Kay Smith the Author?

Kay Smith publishes Quick Reads/eBooks for Hustle Kings & Hustle Queens who are short on time but need real, usable information. Her goal is to empower Hustle Queens all over the world by sharing info that is uplifting, encouraging & helps one live a life they love. 

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the game of job promotion

Are you tired of working long, grueling hours only to barely make ends meet? Have you been overlooked on new job opportunities even though you do your job well? In this quick read, Kay Smith shares 12 codes of success needed to unlock the game of job promotion. These success codes can also be used to help you master the game of life. Make a decision today to take your career to another level. Turn that job into a career and make more money. Believe in yourself. You are worth it.




This book series is for the person who has always wanted to have their own business but have been afraid to take the risk quitting their consistent 9 to 5. In this book series I will present low risk, simple ways one can transition from being an employee to a business owner. I provide, real ways one with a great work ethic and determination can become an entrepreneur and make a good living doing what they love.


This will be the first ebook in the Hustle Full-Time Series. In this ebook, we will show how you can become an Influence Marketer using affiliate links via blog, or through YouTube & Podcast on whatever topic/subject of your choice. We also included one simple way you can make money today!


5 Hustle King Business Ideas

This book will be part of the Hustle Full-Time Series. In this read, I will show you 5 ways you can start a business using Muscle & Sweat. The 5 Muscle & Sweat business opportunities I provide in this read, will be for the person who doesn’t mind using a little muscle and sweat to make money. These are usually known as male jobs, but my Hustle Queens, don’t get it twisted, you can do these too!! Many of opportunities I provide would be considered part-time or seasonal work, so I would recommend you doing several from the list in addition to creating your online business. Note: Be sure to purchase and read the 1st book of the Hustle Full-Time Series: 5 WAYS TO CREATE A BONA FIDE ONLINE BUSINESS. 


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